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True luxury doesn't lie in bricks and mortar.

Landgoed Lauswolt is a unique destination without equal in the north of the Netherlands. In our five-star hotel, the options are endless. Our attentive and discreet team is at your service, every moment of your stay. From a personal butler or personal trainer to a private travel guide or nanny service: 'Can't’ isn't a term we recognize.

But ... at Landgoed Lauswolt there's no 1,000 square metre foyer. No infinity pool on the top floor. No bathrooms with gold taps. Not so much because our historic country house can't accommodate these things, but mostly because of our Frisian, down-to-earth nature.

Because we believe that true luxury doesn't lie in bricks and mortar. True luxury is being able to do whatever you feel like doing, unimpeded. Without having any other obligations. True luxury is waking up to the sound of a blackbird, rested and refreshed. True luxury is our unmatched attention for our guests. True luxury lies in the small, unexpected surprises that make a stay at Landgoed Lauswolt unforgettable.

Because true luxury isn't found in the big things. True luxury lies in little things. And when it comes to those little things, we are unsurpassed.